Would your business benefit from having an expert to talk to when you have a difficult human resources matter to deal with? You might be a HR professional who’s dealing with a highly complex matter like a TUPE transfer. If you don’t deal with these regularly, it can be hard knowing the best way to handle them. You could be a business owner struggling with a stand alone HR issue.

You might not be any of the above. But knowing you have constant access to a HR professional could make a big difference to you – especially when dealing with matters relating to employment law. In fact, in the world of HR, there are very few situations where matters don’t relate to employment law. And you probably have an idea of the business costs of getting it wrong…

This is where the substantial benefits of working with a paralegal come in. And if you choose to use BirchDane Consulting Ltd’s HR services, that’s exactly what you get. You don’t have the costs of using a solicitor or a barrister. But you are getting the expertise – and leadership if you need it – from qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of employment law. You and your business will not be left vulnerable.

BirchDane Consulting is located in Wrexham, North Wales and also has bases in Nottingham and London. But it doesn’t matter where you are. BirchDane’s HR consultancy services can provide all the HR support you need wherever you are based. So call us now on 01244 573728 or email office@birchdane.com and find out how we can take care of all of your HR issues.