Bespoke business document writing services

Contract for Business Law on Terms of Agreement

Running and managing a business comes with a wide range of responsibilities, so it’s no surprise that some things get left at the bottom of the priority list – such as the development and production of formal business documents, such as terms, conditions and agreements and contracts.

Our experts at BirchDane combine their business, HR, and legal experience to provide a professional and comprehensive business document writing service, so that you can ensure you’ve got everything covered when dealing with other organisations, clients and suppliers.

Why are well written business documents essential?

While selling your products and services and making money is quite rightly top of your list of ‘things to do’, the supporting documents that go hand in hand with your transactions are essential for your own protection.

These written contracts and agreements set out expectations, standards and responsibilities for both parties, so if something goes wrong, you have more than just someone’s word and a handshake to prove that they’ve not met their obligations to you.

Our business writing services cover all kinds of documents, such as:

  • Terms and Conditions / Terms of Business
  • Business contracts
  • Leases and other commercial contracts
  • B2B and B2C documentation
  • Employment and HR documentation

The benefits of clearly setting out your terms when conducting business with other companies or consumers are many, including:

  • Avoiding misunderstandings
  • Improve the quality and flow of transactions
  • Maintain a smoother cashflow and avoid costly debt collection services
  • Ensure consistency – everyone internally works to the same terms and procedures
  • A clear paper-trail should you need to take legal action

Legal and business documents tailored to you

Our professional legal and business writing services are tailored to each individual client, to ensure that all terms and contracts are completely relevant to your industry and organisation, covering all the common (and not so common!) problems that could arise.

So whether you’re a new business looking to create brand new terms and conditions, or an established company who needs some additional support with the writing of contracts and agreements, our qualified and experienced team are waiting to help.

For more information or to discuss your specific business writing requirements, please give us a call on 0330 088 4723 and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.