Expert employment law consultancy from BirchDane’s legally qualified team

Employment contractUnderstanding exactly what employment law means for you and your business can be hard. With legislation changing frequently you need to keep track of the changes as well as know how to deal with their implications.

So think of the reassurance of knowing you’re receiving advice from a qualified legal practitioner who’s an employment law specialist. Whether you need support with a stand-alone issue or would benefit from ongoing advice, our paralegal-led employment law consultancy services can help you. Call now on 01244 573728 or email us for more information.

Employment law consultancy services

Contracts of employment

As an employer you must provide employees with contracts setting out terms and conditions of their employment. But unfortunately HR issues can arise because contracts have not been drafted properly or do not cover everything they should. We can help prepare your employment contracts, making sure they are set out clearly and don’t leave your business exposed.

Maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave 

We can advise you on all leave, pay and employment rights issues.

Health, absence and well-being 

Every business must control the cost of absence. Of course, genuine illness can occur and it is important you understand the best way to support employees suffering ill health. We can help with absence management as well as offer specific advice in areas such as alcohol and drug misuse, fulfilling your health and safety obligations and managing workplace stress effectively.

Workplace conflict

It doesn’t matter what type of conflict your business faces. Our HR consultancy services will provide you with expert assistance in managing grievances, disciplinaries or dismissals. We’ll also guide you on the best way to reduce triggers for conflict in your organisation.


Redundancy situations can be difficult to manage. As well as complying with all legal requirements, you must deal as sensitively as you can with those who are involved. We’ll make sure you don’t leave your business vulnerable and offer advice for supporting those affected.

There are many other areas we can help you with including equality and diversity, data protection and disability discrimination. Call us now on 01244 573728 to find out how we can help you with any employment law related issues you may have.

Handbooks, policies and procedures

As well as advising on the above, BirchDane Consulting can help you put together your business’s policies, procedures and employee handbooks.

A clear and accessible staff handbook and good policies and procedures are important. They provide a reference point for your employees and make clear what is expected of them. They reduce the risk of misunderstandings and protect your business in the event of any disputes. We will make sure your handbooks, policies and procedures comply with employment law and can be easily understood by everyone.

If you would like to find out more about how our HR consultancy services can help you and your business, contact us via email or call 01244 573728.