Your personal HR specialist without the overhead

Chart showing how an HR specialist can help

Established in 2010, BirchDane brings together a team of HR specialists and paralegal employment law consultants, with additional backgrounds in financial and management consulting. This broad knowledge of business, the people that work within organisations, and how relevant laws impact on employer/employee relationships allows us to get to the heart of your HR matters and find practical and cost-effective solutions, while ensuring your company’s legal compliance at all times.

As our client base has grown and subsequent referrals have increased, we’ve grown our consultancy to meet demand. Now, in addition to our Head Office in Wrexham, we also have offices in both London and Nottingham, allowing us to roll out our services and cater for businesses on a national scale.

Our HR and employment law consultants

Our CIPD qualified HR specialists and paralegal practitioners gives you access to a range of professional support, including accurate and up-to-date advice on employment law – but without the much higher costs of using a solicitor. From complex issues such as the application of TUPE regulations, to more simple but essential tasks such as recruitment, we’re committed to providing the highest standards of service at all times.

Our HR advisors and employment law consultants word in accordance to BirchDane’s company values, which are:

  • To offer honest, impartial advice
  • To communicate in clear and accessible terms
  • To provide a personally designated HR or employment law professional
  • To provide a friendly, professional, reliable and efficient service
  • To create value, and charge competitively and fairly
  • To build relationships and partnerships through trust
  • To offer flexible HR packages tailored to individual client needs

Our Services

To learn more about the different ways we can help you, please follow the links:

We’ve also recently teamed up with the fantastic health and safety experts at ARC. We’ve chosen ARC as our preferred partners due to their vast experience in health and safety, and their reputation for quality. This partnership allows us to provide an all-round service, ensuring that you, your staff and your business are fully protected from the risk of non-compliance.

For a no-obligation chat about how we can help you, or to learn more about what we do, please contact our HR specialists and employment law consultants on 0330 088 4723, or drop us a quick message and we’ll give you a call back.